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How leased lines will benefit your business
Our range of Fibre Ethernet, EFM and EoFTTC connections deliver dedicated connectivity to your business, either to single or multiple sites

Increased productivity: Low to fully un-contended connections with the fastest possible download and upload speeds to keep your business working at its optimum.

Guaranteed consistency: 100% availability SLAs, optimum fix times and traffic redirection failover options on all of our leased lines make sure you have a constant reliable connection at the speed you demand.

Total control: Our network monitoring tools provide proactive alerts on line issues by SMS, email or phone. This is combined with access to your own dedicated admin portal where you can monitor and tailor your usage.

Complete flexibility: Plan ahead for busy periods and seasonal peaks; increase your bandwidth at any time if you’re expecting high volumes of traffic over a short period.

Our access technologies
Fibre Ethernet: Fibre Ethernet connections offer the fastest symmetrical speeds and highest reliability of all leased lines. Delivered over a dedicated 10Mb, 100Mb or 1Gb fibre optic bearer, it’s completely un-contended, highly secure and flexible enough to rapidly increase bandwidth when needed.
EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile): EFM connections achieve symmetrical speeds of up to 35Mb using existing copper lines. EFM provides businesses with a resilient, cost-effective alternative to Fibre Ethernet lines with the added benefit of installation creating minimal disruption.
EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet): EoFTTC uses the reach of fibre broadband to deliver an SLA-backed, business-assured service. As an entry-level leased line solution, it provides a guaranteed symmetrical speed of up to 20Mb, with download speeds rising up to 80Mb.

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