Cyber Security Tip #3 – Same passwords

Tip #3: Don't use the same password



Seemingly every other day a website gets hacked.  TalkTalk and VTech are notable and news worthy.  What happens to the stolen information?  The cyber criminals will run account details through software which will check the username and password against other online services.  So if your TalkTalk password was the same as your Facebook, chances are they know that by now – and probably your Amazon, Ebay and Twitter as well!  With the rate these companies are getting hacked, it is now a matter of WHEN rather than IF your personal information will be stolen.

So, you know you’re guilty of it: using the same password for everything.  Believe me, I understand how annoying it is to try and remember all those passwords.  But it leaves us very vulnerable.  So what do you do?

For sites that don’t hold personal data, use a “Mickey Mouse” password.  One that won’t matter if it gets breached.  This can cut down on the number of passwords.  For all the others – you will need a different password.  Next week I will share with you how to manage these.


Change your online email password.  Why?  If the bad guys get this one, then they can go to all the other sites and click “password reset” – which will send the reset email to your email.  This gives them fertile ground to go after all your online accounts.

So make a start right now.  If your email password is not unique then change it… now!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are always happy to help.

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